Richmond Park

What a perfect day for Kisscross racing!  Thanks to all of the racers and spectators who came out to Richmond Park to experience some perfect cyclocross weather. With temps in the 50’s, cloudy skies and intermittent rain showers, racers were battling themselves, their opponents and the course conditions as they grinded their way around the 1.5 mile course.  A big thank you to Grand Rapids Bicycle Company for hosting the race with a great course layout, excellent post race food and a bunch of swag for the racers. What a day!

**The move up rule is in effect for the following B racers who won their class and need to move up to the A category for the Manhattan race;

Joe Perry, Dan Korienek and Mike Brower

Additionally, if you are racing in the C race as a warm up or you are racing C’s as an A or B category racer, please pull off before crossing the finish to allow the “real” C-racers their shot at glory.