Move up rule back in force

It is time to bring back the automatic move up rule! You win your race, you move up. The following racers need to move up a category at the next Kisscross race they attend: Bryce Nuiver, Michael Brower, Tom Landry, Andrew Guelzo, Chad Remelts

We would like to give newcomers an easy guide to follow if you have never raced cyclocross before. If you have experience racing in another discipline such as; road or mountain bike racing your race category would be as follows:

Beginner mountain biker/Cat 5 road racer= C’s at Kisscross
Sport mountain biker/Cat 4 road racer= B’s at Kisscross
Expert and elite mountain biker/Cat 3,2 or 1= A’s at Kisscross

We will once again begin calling out racers that need to move up a category. Usually these are the ones winning the C or B race each week. Cool, you got your glory now move up please.