Help Michigan achieve a Five Foot Passing law!

On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, an inexplicable tragedy struck the Kalamazoo region. An out-of-control driver horrifically mowed down nine experienced bicyclists. This senseless tragedy struck a chord of heartbreak, devastation, and anger that has spread across Michigan and the entire country. The cycling community is grieving for the families and friends of the victims. At the same time, we are calling for immediate action. Bicycle injuries and fatalities are far too common in our state, and while no law can prevent someone from willfully causing harm to others, it is important to craft policies that protect public safety.

Michigan lags behind other states in protecting bicyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchair users and is one of only eleven states without a law specifically requiring motorists to pass bicyclists safely. In 2014 bicycle fatalities in Michigan increased 57%. Sadly, 2015 is looking to be even more tragic.

In the wake of the horrific events in Kalamazoo, and on behalf of all the bicyclists and pedestrians who have lost their lives needlessly, Michigan CAN and MUST do better at protecting our most vulnerable roadway users. Please join bicyclists throughout Michigan urging their legislators and Governor to fast track legislation that will provide enhanced legal protection for vulnerable road users including bicyclists, pedestrians, and wheelchair users. We are asking for a 5-foot passing law and vulnerable roadway user protections that ensure drivers who injure or kill bicyclists and pedestrians are held accountable.

We have a very narrow window of opportunity to advance these bills this fall when the legislature returns from summer recess, so it’s essential that we all take action and rally additional support. In tragedy emerges opportunity. This is our opportunity to create significant progress for bicycling in Michigan. These bills are an important first step.

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1) Sign

Please go to LAB’s Action Center page today to write your lawmakers in support of a 5-foot passing law and vulnerable roadway user protections that create stiffer penalties for drivers who injure or kill cyclists. LMB is pleased to partner with the League of American Bicyclists on this important action alert.

2) Share

It will take all cyclists, from casual social riders to competitive cyclists alike, speaking with one voice to demand action. We must solicit support from non-cyclists as well. In person and across social media, please engage your family and friends. If they care about you and your safety on the roads, they can play a significant role in advancing these bills.

If you are with a shop, club, event, or other group where you are in a position to help rally support, we thank you in advance for posting this action alert to your email lists, social media pages, registration tables, etc.

3) Support

Lastly, please support LMB by joining/renewing your membership today. Our strength is truly in our numbers. Every supporter strengthens our voice and builds our political clout. As we meet with lawmakers and testify before committees, a strong, vocal, and well-organized base ensures our message is taken seriously. Thank you for your support!