Alright everybody, going in to our final race of the Kisscross Season. It’s bittersweet as we’re just starting to “enjoy” some actual CX weather. So here’s the deal…

We have some really great battles going into this last race and it’s still anybody’s guess where the results will land in this final week. In Beginner Men, Dylan Krupp is trying to keep Brandon Munson from the season ending upset after race #5 as the standings got a little shake up by some spoilers taking the top spots last week. Jerry Missel and Rob Bell are in the same boat in the Beginner Masters points race after a heavily contested race Sunday left them both out of the top three. Owen Handwerk just needs to show up and turn his pedals to be crowned the King of the Juniors!

In the Women’s race, after finally getting her last name correct, Aliece Winston popped up in third in the standings is breathing down Sarah William’s jersey as they both chase Emily Hambone Hammes for the top spot. Last week’s race saw Hammes and Williams duking it out the entire race with Hammes squeaking it out at the finish in a sprint. Women Masters is literally anybody’s guess. Lydia Fotis-Sweetman had a commanding lead in the points, but Corinne Strumberger has slowly knicked away at that. The sudden emergence of Linda Thompson-Poeder has shaken the field into a frenzy and where this leads is a complete unknown. Tori Jaglowski is the loan survivor of the battle for Juniors points and will sail to an easy season ending Kisscross Points Series victory.

In the Elite Mens field, it’s a total crap shoot. Jake Huizenga from the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew came into town to deliver a blow to Nathan Williams forcing him to settle for the second step. Judah Gustafson is sitting in 1st in points with Lucas Van Drunen following closely. Neither of them should get too comfortable however as Williams has two wins under his belt and is sitting in third, with only three races calculated. Again, this is literally up-for-grabs! Craig “the Geeze” Gietzen has a comfortable lead in the Elite Master Men class, but Marti Hayack and Tim Baker are locked in a battle for second. Baker dominated in the wet conditions at Lakeside Park mixing up the result and leaving this race for points very much in play. Elite SS Men is another race coming down to the wire. Tom Landry is enjoying a great season and currently sitting in the top spot in that class. Joe Winston is sitting second with two wins under his belt, which will come in to play as the best four races are calculated. Eric Wolting can not be counted out of even the top spot as he has been all over the podium this year and is still in contention despite being currently third in points.

Alex Yingling has been on the top of the points series all season, but he has not been able to get far enough ahead of Brad Rivard and Hayden Fox to seal the deal. Rivard put up a “W” on Sunday as the speedy Lakeside course favored his prowess on the high band. He pulled his calculator out of the pocket protector, and the figures decided he’s still in it, as is Fox. Yingling is a strong performer on the technical stuff which could give him an advantage at Manhattan with a couple of “Belgy” sections. You’re not going to see much better racing at a local level than this. Jeff Darter thought he had Sport Masters locked up and was planning to partake in multiple handups while he rode his victory lap sipping champagne on the Champs-Manhattan course… Aric Dershem had a different idea as he played spoiler, rejoining us Sunday after a season-ending hamstring injury. Marty Mrozinski is chasing but also shouldn’t get too comfortable because Leonard Van Drunen smells blood in the water with the “Ace in the Hole” he pocketed at Highland Park.

All told, it’s going to be an exciting season finale with many of the series points remaining in play through the end. Any tie will end with the winner of their respective races engaged in a one-lap shootout for there top step. It’s anybody’s race folks. We hope to see you out there!

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