$30 one race option added!

With two races and now halfway through the season who will clinch the Vie13 series jerseys? Best 3 of 4 finishes will count. 35-55 category Derrick Ubbink looked to have great speed and skill at Richmond but will he be able to make it to enough races to gather points? Same with the women’s race and Amanda Schaap. They both had some great results in WI this past weekend, congrats. Mark Hotchkin prob picked up some moves there too; watch out B racers. Under 35 category Joel Poliskey is the first to grab 2 wins but if he doesn’t make more races can he retain the lead? Is there anyone out there able to challenge the perennially fast John Meyers in the 55+ category? I’m looking at you Ride With A Mission or Athletic Mentor guys. Also Rogue Racing Cycling Team , Fusion Cycling Team presented by Gentex, Cameron Timmer and the COSDI team, Velo City Cycles, Alex TenElshof and the Base Media team you all are good at gravel and road but are you any good without as much drafting? Tag some friends or teams and lets get some team competition going. So far I think Leadout Racing has the most depth of CX talent. Come on out and see if you can prove me wrong.