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Welcome to Kisscross 2022!   There will be lots of changes from 2021. Please check out the site and email us with questions. 

A group started Kisscross back in 2002 because they saw the need for cyclocross racing in the West Michigan area. The closest ‘cross races around were in the Detroit area and had a $30+ entry fee.  Not to mention going through a tank of gas and spending an entire day driving for a short 40 minute race. They started as volunteers with no business sense, no insurance and fees of only $10! K.I.S.S.CROSS was born. Keep It Simple Stupid. The idea here was to have a series of cyclocross races that were fun, affordable, low key and challenging for riders of any skill level.

Our races tend to be held in City or County Parks and are very spectator and family friendly.  Participants can use any non-motorized bicycle type (gravel, cyclocross, road, mountain bike, hybrid, tandem).  The one day course snakes through the park through grass field and sometimes dirt trail.  There are a few obstacles like steps or wooden barriers on the course to get around or over.  Each lap is about 1 mile long and can be seen from multiple vantage points.  Participants do approx 5-10 laps depending on course distance and which race they are in.  Races take approx 40-60 min.  Local teams, clubs and individuals “host” each race, setting up and tearing down the course which helps to keep the costs of the race down. It can take as long a full day to set up a course so please thank them when you have a chance.


Short answer is anyone able to ride, push and pick up a bicycle. 

These races are for amateurs who want to compete against themselves or others while getting the best workout available on a bike.  

No license required

Never tried cyclocross before? Want to learn more about the sport? This is a great opportunity! While this a “training series” we have all the features of larger, sanctioned races. Come out and give it a shot!  The B race is designed for those wanting to challenge themselves versus the course to see if they can complete the series.

A cyclocross bike is not necessary, mountain bikes and even fat bikes are allowed; just remove the bars ends if you have them. Heck, some folks even use road bikes.

The A race is for those who want to compete against others over a longer race.  If you're not sure which race to enter email me and we can discuss it.  

A race will be approx 60 minute. After everyone in the A race is underway we will determine how many laps the lead pack must do to come as close as possible to your designated race time. At this time we will hold up the “laps to go” cards so you know how many laps are left. If you get lapped by the leader or leaders you will be scored as being down a lap. Everyone finishes on the leaders lap.

B race the goal will be 40 min.  We will look at some A racer lap times to guesstimate on the B race number of laps and give you a solid number at the start.  Your goal will be to finish that number of laps.  If you get lapped that is ok, just keep doing your race and finish all your laps.  We will not pull lapped riders.  


Riders, please refrain from riding the course during other's races.


A Race:  We will have age group category results for Men under 35, 35-55, and 55+.   Women will be one category for all ages.  All A classes will be racing together.  Each category will have a  leader jersey.  Podium pictures for top 3 immediately post race mandatory.

B Race:  Everyone listed all together.  Prizes assigned randomly.  

Race Start Times 
11:00 am – A race 
12:20 pm - Kids Race

12:45pm - B race

Race Entries
Season Entry all 4 races $50

No licenses required

Q: I have never tried cyclocross, what race should I sign up for?
A:  If you have raced gravel, mtb, road etc and placed well or were competitive do the A race.  If you are newer to any racing or finished another race halfway down try the B race.

B = beginner mountain biker/Cat 5 road racer

A race = sport mountain biker/Cat 4 road racer
A  race = expert and elite mountain biker/Cat 3, 2, 1


Q: Can I use a mountain bike or fat bike instead of a cross bike?
A: Yes, any type of bike is ok.  Remove any bar ends or aero bars.

Q: Can I register for more than one race on the same day?
A: Yes

Q: Can I warm up on the race course?
A: Not until the current race is finished

Q: Do you have podium awards?
A: We will have podium awards for the A racers.  Podium pics immedietly following the A race. A and B racers may have raffle style prizes.  

Q: I raced in the A race and I only did 7 laps and everyone in front of me did 8 laps. Why is that?
A: The leaders of the race lapped you therefore you are down one lap, every one finishes the race on the leaders lap.  A race only.  This way you get the same amount of racing time, but maybe not the same distance.

Q: What are the entry fees?
A: $50 for the season 

Q: What are the start times?
A: Start times
11:00 am = A race
12:20 kids race 
12:45 pm = B race

Kisscross Michigan Cyclocross