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Schedule / Race Classes

Welcome back to Kisscross Michigan Cyclocross as we present our dates, venues for the 2021 race season. I have been hard at it setting up the venues and sponsorships and pleased to offer up our local Kisscross Michigan Cyclocross program. Same 11 classes and 5 venues, plus great hosting teams / clubs that I know will keep Kisscross Michigan Cyclocross rolling right along.
What’s New? Everything co$t more now….As with everything else the cost to hold each race has increased … BUT with the awesome support from our sponsors we will NOT be raising our fees! Offering pre-registration on line, awarding the whole podium (top 3), plus the random prize/awards, still offering chip timing at each race again this Kisscross Michigan cyclocross season. We will again NOT be running a point series this year instead focusing on adding more prizes and race management services. We welcome the local teams/clubs will assist in setting and cleaning up the courses. Let’s keep it simple, fun and race our bikes!
Kisscross Michigan Cyclocross “My personal favorite form of bicycle racing” - Brent Walk